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Health Quotient AT PETALS KIDS

We would like to inform all the parents that we take utmost care on cleanliness of the school premises and also of our little ones here. A rigorous use of Hand sanitizers, Paper napkins are used in all the class rooms. Our teachers and non teaching staff makes sure that children wash their hands before and after the breakfast/ meals. The helper staff also wears hand gloves while serving food.

We take utmost care in keeping our premises clean by washing the school every Saturday. The bed covers in the day care rooms /linens /mats and toys are washed with detergent and Dettol.

We once again like to confirm that we take every precautionary measure against Swine flu/H1N1 infections/ Covid 19.


1) What is Petals Kids?

Petals Kids is a preschool and a day care which caters to the children between the age group of 4 months to 12 years. At Petals Kids, we provide the opportunity and responsibility to help children grow and succeed as competent, capable learners. As early education professionals, our duty is to create experiences and interactions that are-Challenging, Sustainable, Language Rich, Focused and Playful.
Petals Kids offer Flexible Programmes:- At Petals Kids, parents may opt to enroll solely in the preschool programme or they may select only day care or they may select pre- school and day care combination. Petals Kids offer part time, full time and hourly day care programmes, as well as, seasonal enrollment for those needing day care during certain portions of the year.

2) Is Petals Kids day care open all day?

It is open from 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m from Monday through Friday. On Saturday, the timings are 9:00am to 6:00pm.

3) Do you provide school transport?

Yes. There are lady helpers inside the Vans to assist the kids. Details on this can be obtained from school office.


1) Do you provide meals and drinking water?
Yes, we provide Vegetarian meals to the kids. Morning Breakfast, Afternoon Lunch, Evening snacks, milk and a seasonal fruit is provided to the children every day. We do not allow food from outside to be brought into the center. We have filtered water available at all times for children at Petals Kids.
The menu for the entire month is sent home to the parents at the beginning of the month for both the school as well as day care. The menu is certified by the nutritionist. The menu shows what the children will eat each day.
Our (Fresh) meals are prepared on site, by our kitchen staff. Kids are served hot and nutritious meals.


2) What happens during meal times?
Meal times are a relaxed affair. Eating is a social time. Children say their prayers before they begin to eat. Also table manners are taught during this time. Children will not be forced to eat but encouraged to try different foods. Extra helpings are readily available. The teachers and attendants take care and make sure that children eat their meals properly. Young kids who cannot eat themselves are fed by the staff.


3) My child does not eat properly?
When children are in a group, they eat together. Also the teachers/attendants take care that children eat their food completely.


What if a student gets hurt or injured during School/Day Care hours?
No matter how many precautions are taken accidents can happen. First Aid Kit is placed inside Principal’s office, and Petals Kids Staff will assist in cleaning and bandaging a minor cut, scrape or a wound. In the event of a more serious injury or if a true emergency arises, parents will be notified immediately (please make sure to fill up the contact information section of the emergency form completely mentioned in the Bond Book issued at the time of the admissions) and the child will be taken to the doctor. We are connected with Dr. J.S. Mahajan.


What is the Fee Policy? Where do we pay the fees?
School Fees payment will be on Term basis. There are 3 Terms ( JUNE/ OCT/ JAN ). Fees to be paid in advance, at the beginning of each term i.e. by 6th June/ 6th October/ 6th January.
Day Care fees payment is on monthly basis i.e. by 6th of every month.
Fees for both School and Day care be paid on or before 6th of each term / month to avoid penalties. The fees to be paid by Cheque / Cash / Online in the suggested Bank.


1) What is Petal Kids curriculum?
We have a flexible, child-centered, activity-based curriculum which enhances the Holistic Development of children. With the support of friendly adults in a happy yet purposeful environment the children will have the opportunity to experience a broad, balanced & enriching curriculum.


2) What do children learn at Petals Kids / What is taught to the children at Petals Kids?
Petals Kids give children a wealth of opportunities to learn the necessary skills.
At Petals Kids children learn:
• Public Speaking- At Petals Kids, we have Podiums to remove their stage fright & gain confidence to face a large audience.
• Montessori Lab provides the opportunity to explore, experience and experiment.
• Theme Days are celebrated e.g. a fruit party, a colour day, cooking day etc. through which children will automatically gain knowledge with pleasurable experiences.
• Yogic Exercises, Recitation of Om & Shlokas for healthy body and mind.
• Table Etiquettes are taught while having meals.
• The ability to play, to have fun, to be engaged in the world around them to be learners.
• Social and communication skills with other children and especially with adults.
• Self-help skills such as asking for directions, feeding themselves, etc.
• Group skills working with other children (and adults).
• The ability to concentrate on something and to be absorbed.
• The ability to be fascinated in the world around them.
• The ability to express themselves creatively.
• Increasing independence at their own rate.
• Foundations to reading, mathematics, physical skills, etc through play and opportunities offered to them.


3) Do you have art, music, etc.?
Art and music are incorporated on a regular basis as part of our integrated curriculum. In Art, children try out different materials and techniques including Painting, Printing and Modelling with Clay. Music improves Listening skills, Concentration, Cooperation and Confidence. The music curriculum is regularly enriched by regularly bringing in Professional Musicians to school.


4) What are the co-curricular activities conducted at Petals Kids Kids ?
The co-curricular activities conducted at Petals Kids are Skating, Soccer, Dance & we teach Foreign language German.


5) What are the co-curricular activities conducted at Petals Kids Kids ?
We also do things such as cooking, craft etc. We take field trips and invite people from the community to speak to and work with the children and their parents.


6) What are the Unique Methods that Petals Kids has?
The Unique Methods that Petals Kids has is as follows:-
• Sports Arena with Turf
• Montessori Lab with Educational Toys
• Podium
• Theme days / Tidbit Cooking
• Monthly Meal Menu
• Detailed Monthly Lesson Plan with Monthly Event Calendar
• Puppet Play / Role Plays
• Recitation of Om / sholaks, Yogic exercises
• Skating Rink
• Field Trips
• Dance & Foreign Language
• Celebration of all major Indian Festivals
• Science Projects/ Art/ Craft
• Motor Skill Activities ( Fine & Gross)
• Trained, experienced, friendly faculty
• Annual Functions
• Sports Day with Certificates & Medals.
• After school Homework Help
• Daily Report of each child is given in Day Care, Play Group & Nursery Class.


7) How do I know if Petals Kids is the right school / day care for my child?
Petals Kids school/daycare is a place where you and your child can become part of a unique community. Your child can learn through play, exploring a variety of material available in the school, make friends, develop social and problem solving skills, increase English vocabulary, build cognitive and gross motor skills, and more. Your child will be exposed to children from a variety of cultural backgrounds in an environment that embraces diversity. It is a wonderful choice for a family who wants to be actively involved in its child’s preschool experience, to know what the child learns, and become familiar with the teachers and families at the school. Our successful history speaks for itself.


8) How do you remove their stage fear?/ How do you develop their speaking & communication skills?
Public Speaking is an integral part of the curriculum. In this program we develop their speaking & communication skills. We help children overcome their inhibitions by providing an encouragement for self expression. Also, by developing their voice modulation, helps in building Public Speaking Skills which is an asset to the child’s personality.
We have Podiums to help children in developing their speaking skills. This provides a platform for exposure and remove their fear of stage. This prepares them to face a large audience with confidence & helps in building their vocabulary.


9) How are children taught Leadership Qualities?
Children are supported in becoming confident, competent & independent thinkers & learners. They are encouraged to communicate their feelings and thoughts and re-tell experiences. Children refer to their intentions by voicing/ expressing opinions, reacting to situations and making choices.


10) Is their any Parent Guidance programme?
In today’s fast changing world, Parenting has rather become a challenge. We organize workshops to educate parents and teachers so as to bring up kids in most child friendly environment.


What do you do about biting / hitting / aggression?
It is Petals Kids goal to assist children through adjustment periods, to help them develop social skills, and to learn appropriate behaviors. The following are the guidance techniques most commonly used in our program to help children develop self-control, self-esteem, and respect for others, while promoting a positive environment and personal growth:
• Positive response to child’s behavior
• Focus on behavior that fosters self-confidence, cooperation, and individual expression
• Model appropriate behavior , especially mutual respect and problem solving
• Set clear limits and expectations for children’s behavior
• Redirect negative behavior


1) What should a child bring to the school/day care?
Children should bring to the school/day care the following things – A bag containing a change of clothes including under clothes, extra nappies and wet wipes ( for Jr. Daycare) if your child is not yet potty –trained, one carry bag to keep soiled clothes, a pair of slippers or floaters (only for day care), and communication book. Every thing has to be neatly labelled.

2) Does my child have to be toilet trained to attend Petals Kids?/ What about potty training?
Toilet training is a normal developmental part of the preschool/ day care program and children are not required to be toilet trained.

3) Will the Petals Kids children be taking Field Trips outside of school?
Yes. Petals Kids will include special events, classroom guests, speakers and field trips. You will be notified prior to all trips.

4) My child doesn’t speak English. How can you help him/her?
Children adapt to understanding and using English in Petals Kids over the period of time. Petals Kids Staff starts by helping children feel comfortable with English words that describe familiar routine activities such as “washing hands” and “putting on shoes.” Children are given lots of individual attention and the language used is kept clear and simple and is repeated often.



1) Are babies expected to fall asleep on their own, or are they rocked to sleep?
We work with parents so that each Toddler’s napping pattern remains the same as what they are accustomed to at home. The children are rocked to sleep.

2) Does my child need to be out of diapers?
Once the child settles in the day care/school and is familiar with the day care/ school staff, then the child needs to be out of diapers. This also helps the school/ day care staff to potty train them.



1) How is the “separation anxiety” handled by the staff?
Entire staff recognizes separation anxiety as part of appropriate development. In order to build upon existing trust, parents are encouraged to tell their child that they are leaving but will return. Lingering good-byes can be emotionally painful for the child so it is helpful if the time spent separating is short, but supportive. After departure, parents may contact the school and speak with a teacher to make sure their child is beginning to adjust. If the staff feels the child is stressed, recommendations will be made to make the separation easier. Most children begin to feel more comfortable with increased attendance, as trust and familiarity with their new environment and teachers become part of the routine.


2) My child cries whenever I leave him/her at school/day care. What should I do?
It is hard when your child cries, when you leave them but it is also natural. However, if you say goodbye to your child and tell your child that you are coming back a bit later they will be less anxious and will soon become more confident leaving you. We are generally more experienced at this than a parent because we have seen all sorts of upsets when parents leave. We can plan a program for you and your child but this must be based on your trust with the staff. We can only begin our relationship with your child when you have left.


Will my child be safe at Petals Kids?
The safety of your child is a high priority at Petals Kids. Only persons authorized by the parents in writing or listed on the identification and emergency card will be allowed to remove children from school. We do require that a photo I.D. be shown by any person we do not know when picking up a child.


1) What are the qualifications of the teachers at Petals Kids?
Our staff consists of educators trained in early childhood education and who have experience working with young children. All teachers have degrees on early childhood education, child development or other related fields of education. In addition to their academic training, the staff also participates in ongoing training and development. Teachers attend retreats, monthly planning meetings, and professional conferences.

2) What do children call the staff?

3) What is your biggest priority for children?
TEACHER/ CHILD ATTACHMENT . Teacher’s are trained to learn the child’s temperament, to work with their strengths and around their challenges, and always towards developing new skills for self-management.



What procedures are used to evaluate a child?
School & Day Care children are seen in small groups by teachers who are familiar with the developmental stages of these ages. Children are observed playing with others and alone, working with appropriate materials, and in conversation with the teachers and other students. We constantly monitor, guide, and challenge or assist the children in every activity each day.


1) How does the teacher communicate with me?
Each child (both day care & school) maintains a communication book. Teachers use these communication books to send home notices, messages, and homework. Parents too can write the messages in the communication Book and send back to the teachers. These communication books are used as a communication mode between a parent and a teacher/ day care coordinator.

2) How do teachers communicate with parents?
At Petals Kids, we know what difference a parent-teacher communication can make in a child’s development. Parents receive monthly e-mail/ newsletters and notices as they are needed. Daily reports of School ( Play Group and Nursery Classes) & Day Care children are send home to parents. You will have a formal opportunity to meet up with your child’s teacher and discuss your child’s development. We also encourage you to schedule additional conferences if deemed necessary.