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PLAY AREAS give children the opportunity to socialize & engaged in regular physical activity. Physical activities keeps kids healthier, both physically and emotionally.


CREATIVE ZONE & MOTOR SKILL ZONE AREAS enhances Hand & Eye Co-ordination in kids, Inspire Imagination, enhances Sensory Development and keeps children busy and active.


Children are introduced to the concepts of exercises and games. This area of learning focuses on children’s physical development. Kids needs large open spaces to run, play and exercise freely. Sports Teacher is experienced and helps kids with age appropriate physical exercises, team games & individual games.


Great emphasis is placed on developing the child’s confidence to speak in front of public and that too with expression. Podiums and stage are designed to develop their communication and language skills through talking, drama and singing. Children are supported in becoming confident speakers. Every Petalite is given an opportunity to come and perform on the stage and speak in front of the podium.


AUDIO-VISUAL ROOM for e-learning. Teachers prepares power point presentations on the topics done in the class and show to kids. It enhances the teaching and learning experience for kids.


Stage performance engages the child’s brain. Getting up on stage and perform in front of a large audience enriches a child’s life. It boosts their morale and confidence. The children of Petals kids wear colourful costumes and our little preschoolers sing, dance and act on stage.


Petalites stage performance leaves the audience in awe as they perform on stage. The enthusiasm, energy and confidence of Petalites reverberates on stage and in the audience.


Montessori lab with educational toys

MONTESSORI LAB has Educational Toys like Puzzles, Puppet Theatre, Puppets, Stringing Beads, Activity Cards, Games, etc. as they stimulate learning by encouraging kids to experiment by touching and playing with these objects. As a result, it helps children learn and grow outside the classroom.

Bright & Colorful Classrooms

BRIGHT & COLORFUL CLASSROOMS is a great stimulus and promotes a happy environment. Effects of colors increases creativity and attention and instills a general feeling of positivity in teachers and kids.

Book Room

BOOK ROOM to browse books and encourage reading habit in kids from a young age. Reading improves language skills and prepares kids for academic success.

Science Lab

Here, children are involved in practical experiments and activities which excite them and provide enjoyment while fostering a sense of curiosity. These activities enable them to use all their senses, to test their ideas, to observe and predict the outcomes. Children are also encouraged to understand the basic concepts in maths, science and English.

School Transport Facility

Petals Kids has pick up and drop facility for the children. There are lady attendants inside the school transport to look after the kids.

Hot Nutritious Meals

Petals Kids has in-house kitchen with a cook to prepare fresh and healthy nutritious meals for kids. Food is cooked fresh and served hot to kids. Food Menu is certified by the leading Nutritionist of Pune.