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Online School

Continuity is important in education for preschoolers and they cannot be given a break from learning as research states that children learn maximum before the age of 5 years old and their adaptability and learnability is at its peak, which has to be explored and maximized. Knowing this fact is especially important for those parents who take their children’s education before 1st Grade very lightly and think that they will teach them on their own if the schools are shut.


At Petals Kids, Online school is for your children from where they can easily transition into physical classes whenever the school starts. At Petals Kids, we have an Online learning environment that allows for live interaction between the teachers and the students as they are participating in learning activities. Best part is that the teachers who take the online classes will be the ones taking the physical classes at school whenever it re-opens. Benefit of this is that the students will already be accustomed to their teachers and classmates. So, the transition from online school to physical school will be very smooth. The curriculum that is being followed at school, the same is being followed in the online classes as well. With children not having friends to play with, through online classes they make new friends, meet their old friends, and meet their teachers. They have fun and as well as learn in these online classes.


Significant research states the four important reasons why online schooling is important for our little flowers:

  1. Exploration of New Technology Skills and Concepts – Online learning allows children to be introduced to new ideas and concepts that they may not be exposed to in a traditional in-person preschool classroom. From navigating new applications to developing fine motor skills to learning tech vocabulary. This can help your child get a head start on critical technology skills and concepts necessary in today’s world.
  2. Social Interaction – Online classes offer children the opportunities to consistently interact with a group of peers. This teaches them to practice making friends and interact with peers from diverse backgrounds in a socially distant environment. These interactions are critical in nurturing your child’s social and emotional development.
  3. Developing Confidencethrough learning new ways of working on one’s strong and weak areas.
  4. Structured Routine – Children and parents are not used to sitting at home for extended periods like this, it’s a challenge for the parents to create a structured environment for the children and themselves to follow. You will add some structure back into their day. Benefits include developing independence to offering security and stability.


Join our online classes and let our future Petalites explore a whole new world of engaging activities through which they will learn and develop themselves for the future. If you are anywhere in the world, you can attend our online school programme.  We have students from Dubai, Australia, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. who are attending our online school programme.


“Online Education is Like a Rising Tide, It’s Going to Lift All Boats”.


We at Petals Kids, believe in Educare for your little Flower!, raise our future Petalite’s boats to their highest potential and even beyond through our Online Learning Programme.


We eagerly await to see you and our little Petalites in our online world!